Group Medical Insurance


Georja Group Ltd work closely with you to help construct specific healthcare packages for your employees. This is done on a consultative basis with you to ensure that you get the very best scheme available.

Because of our expert knowledge of New Zealand's health providers, we are able to guide you through what type of plan would have advantages for your company in areas such as group discounts and cover for staff with pre-existing illnesses.

Advantages of Group Health Plans for Employees -

To help companies understand the key benefits of maintaining staff healthcare plan we have listed below some of the common advantages:

To contribute to good employment relationships.
Health insurance has a perceived high value by staff so aids loyalty and co-operation.

To reward and retain valued staff.
It is possible to provide varied levels of subsidy depending on the agreed remuneration package.

To schedule treatment to meet organizational needs.
Key staff can schedule treatment to avoid absenteeism during critical times of the business year.

To speed the return to full productivity of employees.
Those unable to work at 100% efficiency are a cost to the company. A few hundred dollars subsidy is often cheaper than the productivity lost or the cost of having to train temporary staff including the down-time of the 'trainer'.

To reduce absenteeism.
Higher absenteeism can result if staff have to wait for treatment and ailments. This can become worse as delayed treatments can mean minor ailments become major ones resulting in even more time for treatment and recovery.

These benefits listed above are of course in addition to the personal value of health insurance such as peace of mind, financial security and immediate access to quality treatment and personal choice.

Good Reasons to Offer Subsidized Health Insurance to Your Staff -

Time off due to illness requiring surgery is significantly reduced for those insured versus those uninsured (14 days vs 48 days).

65% of employees with health insurance indicated they were more likely to remain with their current employer as a result of their subsidized scheme. Source: TNS Research, July 2004.

Did you know …? -

The cost of providing a fully subsidized health plan for your company can be as little as 1% of your annual payroll. Not only that but, depending on the size of your company scheme, a number of attractive concessions are also available.

A subsidized health plan for your employees is a good alternative when considering salary increases. Not only does it provide a highly valued benefit for staff, but your business will benefit from staff receiving qualifying health treatment more quickly and improve return to work timeframes.