The diagnosis of a serious illness is devastating in any circumstances but the burden will be far greater if your financial security is also put at risk.

  • Although there is a one-in-three chance of suffering from a serious illness before age 65, current survival rates mean that many patients go on to make a reasonable recovery and enjoy a good quality of life.

Historical data indicates that a person suffering from one of the four main critical illnesses (Heat Attack, Heart Disease, Cancer or Stroke) has a nearly 50% chance of surviving for up to 10 years beyond the critical incident. However, in many cases this involves a reduced working capacity and necessitates significant lifestyle changes and costs. A lump sum benefit can make a real difference in meeting these costs, e.g.:

  • Medical treatment and hospitalization
  • Overseas travel or treatment
  • Time off work with no income
  • Early retirement from the workforce
  • Mounting debts and mortgage repayments
  • Supporting a business even though you cannot work
  • A partner having to stay home to nurse you.

Some Interesting Facts -


  • 47% of claims were females
  • 78% of claims were for cancer
  • 60% of the cancer claims were for breast cancer


  • 53% of claims were male
  • 48% of claims were for cancer
  • 45% of clams were for heart disease